Thursday, 6 December 2018

18 for 2018 Review

Jamie Anholt Photography

After listening to one of my favourite Podcasts: Happier by Gretchen Rubin, I ended up creating a "18 for 2018" to-do list! As a type-A-list-lover, I was pretty gung-ho on this idea and made up a pretty practical list of things I wanted to accomplish and even allowed myself to revise when needed because at the end of the day: I make the rules! This type of freedom felt so inspiring and energizing!

Every month or so I would check in and check-off the things I had completed and update ones that were I.P (in progress) or to get clear on other points: example: weekend getaway with Landon. Where are we doing? What month would this be in? etc.

So here is my 18 for 2018! 

Sunday, 25 November 2018


My favourite thing ever is to declutter my closet. I get really bored of my clothing fairly quickly especially when I purchase things out of boredom, buy something thats too cheap, or buy something online that didn't fit properly and too lazy to return. So while I was decluttering my closet I came across a really beautiful velvet tank-top I wanted but NEVER wear. In that moment I actually realized I don't like wearing tank tops but I keep buying them!? Ha!! It's because I don't love having bare arms and I am always cold. So guess what? I no longer buy tank tops or tops that are sleeveless. I then donated all of my tank-tops because they would just hang there... taking up space.

But wait, there is more!

Friday, 23 November 2018

Searching For Tradition: A Christmas Story

Jamie Anholt Photography

I got called a 'Scrooge' today. Not my finest moment or favourite pet name, to say the least.

It all went down because I have been asking friends and family about Christmas traditions; the ones they love and the ones they don't particularly love. I am trying to be intentional about building our own family traditions now that Landon and I are officially a family of two and we hope to expand on that one day (God-willing.) So in hopes of finding new traditions that we could adopt, I have been peppering my friends with questions (what's new, really?) which has often lead to some interesting debates and perspectives.

To be totally honest and up front, I am not a huge fan of Christmas Day (and its likely why I seem like such a fun-sucker) but I truly love the holiday season as its so festive, fun, and has a hint of magic. I also love buying gifts for people when they don't know about it. I love the anticipation of Christmas eve, tinsel, sparkly lights, and I always dreamt of a family who would sing Christmas Carols while someone played the piano. This was not my family haha, I really love the movie "White Christmas." Before you call me Scrooge for the whole Christmas Day thing, hear me out.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

10 Bite-Sized Gratitudes

Just two kids sweating it out in NYC humidity at Washington Square. 

They say when your world feels like its crashing to stop, take a breath, and instead of thinking of all the things going wrong, stating out-loud all of the things that are going right.

So here we go, here is some gratitude and its timely for all of my American friends celebrating their thanksgiving.

I am grateful for...

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


At some point in my life, I accepted this notion that I couldn't be all the things that made up me, that I had to focus on one area of passion and stay there. Maybe it's the overlapping idea of the baby-boomers that you get a job and stay there for the rest of your life for security, pension, and longevity. Maybe it was a way for my family to ease their own discomfort and anxiety around my natural inclination to want to bounce around and try new things. Maybe it was societal; something etched into every narrative of media and I soaked it up unknowingly like a sponge. Who knows. *shoulder shrug*

Saturday, 3 March 2018


photo via pinterest

B L O O D  &  F I R E
Agni and I were never acquainted.
Dowsed in Neptunes waters -
even my eyes are speckled with sea-foam green,
earthly marshes, stone grey and rippled,
the very depth of my own heart sounded more like a tidal wave,
than a drum. 

Underneath ash, dust, and clay -
sparks, like a sparkler on Canada Day,
my heart at odds with its watery inhabitant,
a chemical heat from my belly would splurge and get lost in my throat.
Fire was never my element. 

I always admired those with that surge of fire,
the heat beneath their feet,
the ones who spoke like flame licking away at their teeth,
tenacity, conviction, totally un-afraid -
red-eyed and sturdy legged creatures.

I - would only flow with the current,
allowing bed rocks, bends, and water shed to drift me,
heading for cool calm waters,
pool side, un-rippled, virgin h2o.

I, a rule-breaker, you know, in my own way.
I did what I wanted as long as someone said it was OK.
How I yearned for a fire, that tongue of heat, a steady shield and sword,
to stand, apart, armoured
protected with my words.

But - watery cool, tranquil souls do have their place.
Peace maker,
 level headed sweet-talker,
I could get on your side as long as the tide took me there.

Friday, 5 January 2018


Crummy iphone pic lol

I woke up feeling a bit under the weather so there wasn't as much of a pep in my step for day four! After having a coffee date with a dear friend of mine I found myself light-headed and nauseated so I kept it pretty minimal, tackling my under-garment/pyjama drawer!

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